Bernarr McFadden

Bernarr McFadden
Bernarr McFadden

Macfadden wrote over 100 books. This is a partial list of titles:

Physical Training (1900)
Fasting, Hydropathy, and Exercise (1900)
Virile Powers of Superb Manhood (1900)
Power and Beauty of Superb Womanhood (1901)
Strength from Eating (1901)
Strong Eyes (1901)
Natural Cure for Rupture (1902)
Vaccination Superstition (1902)
Marriage: a Lifelong Honeymoon (1903)
Building of Vital Power (1904)
Creative and Sexual Science (1904)
Health, Beauty, and Sexuality (1904)
How Success Is Won (1904)
A Perfect Beauty (1904)
Physical Culture for Babies (1904)streng
Strenuous Lover (1904)
Muscular Power and Beauty (1906)
Macfadden Prosecution- A Curious Story of Wrong and Oppression (1908)
Vitality Supreme (1915)
Brain Energy (1916)
Manhood and Marriage (1916)
Womanhood and Marriage (1918)
Strengthening the Eyes (1918)
Making Old Bodies Young (1919)
Truth About Tobacco (1921)
The Miracle of Milk (1923)
Fasting for Health (1923)
Constipation: Its Cause, Effect, and Treatment (1924)
How To Raise a Strong Baby (1924)
Physical Culture Cook Book (1924)
Walking Cure, Pep and Power from Walking – How to Cure Disease (1924)
Hair Culture (1921)
Diabetes: Its Cause, Nature and Treatment (1925)
Headaches: How Caused and How Cured (1925)
Strengthening the Spine (1925)
Tooth Troubles (1925)
Asthma and Hay Fever (1926)
Colds, Coughs, and Catarrh (1926)
Foot Troubles (1926)
Predetermine Your Baby’s Sex (1926)
Rheumatism, Its Cause, Nature and Treatment (1926)
Skin Troubles (1927)
Digestive Troubles (1928)
Talks to a Young Man about Sex (1928)
Tuberculosis (1929)
Home Health Manual (1930)
After 40 – What? (1935)
Practical Birth Control (1935)
Woman’s Sex Life (1935)
How to Gain Weight (1936)
How to Reduce Weight (1936)
Be Married and like It (1937)
Macfadden’s Encyclopedia of Physical Culture (several editions)